About Us

Made from scratch, homemade spring roll.

HOTTO HOTTO is a family owned restaurant located in Grant Park, at The Beacon Atlanta. Our goal is to create a fresh, healthy and delicious ramen that is served with broth made from scratch that requires tons of time, that has been slow cooked for hours, using unique techniques bringing out the richest of flavors that will have you nodding yes and saying yummm at the same instant. This is a ramen experience you just have to come try.  We pride ourselves on using only the freshest ingredients and crafted everything in house such as our amazing spring rolls, wontons, etc. We even make our own very spicy chili sauce (aka Hotto Hotto sauce) from fresh hot chilies. After or while slurping down your bowl of goodness, try pairing it with one of our unique craft cocktails, or maybe wine, how about a beer from our local craft taps. Perhaps if you desire some sake, we have over 25 different sakes to choose from, all imported from Japan.  We have outside patio seating right at the bar on a beautiful day, you can also sit inside that is furnished with our beautiful two and a half inches solid walnut slap tables with unique natural shapes.  

HOTTO HOTTO strive to exceed your expectations by combing menu varieties, atmosphere, chef’s cooking performance, high quality ingredients and friendly staffs to create a sense of “place” in order to reach the goal of overall value in the dining/entertainment experience. HOTTO HOTTO wants to be a restaurant of choice for everyone. We can accommodate any size groups large or small. We also have private dining room for business functions or any special occasion for family/friends gatherings. Book your reservation today!  


Hi, my name is Alice. I'm the head chef and owner of Hotto Hotto. Welcome to our website. So, here's a little something about me. Cooking and owning a successful restaurant have always been my passion. Everyone who knows me and have tasted my cooking always tells me that I should open a restaurant. I’ve been in the kitchen for as long as I can remember. In fact, the first meal I recall ever making was frying an egg at the age of six.  Pretty simple, but it was the start of bigger and better things to come.  

Cooking has always come natural to me. Cooking makes me happy. Feeding friends and family makes me even happier. Basically, I love cooking, I cook all the time! I have tried other professions in my life... After graduating college, I started a career in Web Development at AT&T as a Web Developer.  For over ten years I was not fulfilled staying in front of a computer screen day and night... To me, this is just a career to pay my bills and supported my needs and wants.

In 2007, after years and years of learning the ropes, I finally have the courage and saved up enough money to start my own restaurant inside Northlake Mall food court called Joe Catfish, a Southern Fish-Fry restaurant, that I owned and operated for five years while still working for AT&T, although it's my recipe and food tasted so good, business suffered badly due to lack of foot traffic in a dying mall and bad managements. Long story short, I was young and naive, thinking I can trust my manager to run the whole restaurant while I worked full time and overtime at AT&T. It was the hardest time of my life to stick it out for five years and lost all my hard earned money and more... As my lease expired in 2012, the same year my son was born, I have decided to shut down the restaurant, end my 10+ year career with AT&T and shifted my attention to be a stay at home mom.

During this time, I obtained a realtor's license, buying, selling, flipping houses, while doing a part time catering business where I catered foods for small parties, baby showers, wedding showers, office functions, etc. Without a corporate job, I was able to enjoy having flexible hours as a full-time stay at home mom and was able to find time to be creative in my home cooking. It was during this time I was able to expand my cooking skills coming up with new ideas and new recipes. Cooking have always been therapeutic to me, I love making food taste and look good. I love feeding people and I love filling everyone's stomach with good food. Here's my moto, "If my food makes you happy, it makes me happier." 

With all that said, I love for you all to come try my recipes and food. It is all cooked from my heart to your table. All fresh ingredients, homemade from scratch!